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Many companies are created from the passion of an individual and ecoBibi is no different.

Company co-founder Brigitte Elie - Bibi is her nickname - spent years thinking how to make her family’s daily life greener for a better planet. This process lead to the creation of products that can minimize waste, be reusable, good for the environment, enjoyable to have from cool and clever designs & that are affordable. And this is how ecoBibi was born!

Long term Shanghai resident, Bibi gets her inspiration from travels and the different countries she has lived in. Passionate about creative processes, Bibi teaches the people around her to tap into this unlimited resource.

Bibi says:

“Being a perfectionist, I drive employees crazy! I look for the best workmanship around to achieve our high standards. Every product is meticulously made in our eco-factory, by our well-trained and fairly-paid local people.”

In 2011, Stephanie Chauvel, another long term Shanghai resident and old friend sharing a passion for design and novelty joined the ecoBibi team to bring the company to the next level. She sees beauty in simplicity and always being on the move she never forgets practicality in her designs.

Stephanie says

“I love to play with unusual color combination and create unique prints that have become the signature of ecoBibi. Anything but plain, our organic fabrics are all designed in our studio!”

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