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About designing collections...
How do you design a collection?

There is no real rule about how we design a collection but we do try to include certain elements that we love and that make us ecoBibi:

·       CUTENESS



·       FLOWERS and/or ANIMALS

Ginghams and stripes are our signature prints. They balance the movements, boldness and liveliness of the other prints.

Our prints always have a special something that makes us stand out either by their coolness, their modern touch or some kind of contrast. They are sometimes bold, yet always different from the common baby prints.

At ecoBibi, we believe that organic does not have to be boring. We also like to create a colorful world and joyful stories for our babies for their every day life!

I notice that every collection carries animals. How is that?

Children love animals and nature. There will always be a connection with nature in our collections.

Our animals usually do something just like kids, either they play or they are on the move. Every print tells a story, has a movement. For example, our cute rabbits - from the 2014/2015 Baby collection - are enjoying their time on the playground, playing badminton, riding bikes, holding hands. While the fishes of a previous collection are very busy on their way to school!

We love to create fun ambiance that link parents and babies to their everyday life.

What about the flowers? Both baby and bedding collection seem to have flower prints!

We love flowers and always want some around us! There is always something special about them: either the size (zoom in/zoom out), the color combination or the shape…

Flowers convey freshness, lightness. There are endless possibilities of shapes and pairing. Through flowers so many feelings can be expressed. We are lovers of nature and flowers are an amazing expression of nature.

You speak about color harmony and contrast. How do they work together?

We live by the wheel of colors. In every collection colors match together for a nice and cute baby look! At home, every parent wants a beautiful and nice nursery for their babies! Harmony starts at this very basis.

The contrast that we want to create comes from the confrontation of soft, curvy shapes of the cute animals and geometrical lines of the stripes or gingham prints. We also enjoy a lot playing with some kind of irregularity and little twists. The stripes of the current baby collection are a good example. Regular and not quite so!

The result is definitely so chic!

It is also exclusively and totally ecoBibi signature!

Where does your inspiration come from?

That is a very good question! It’s also very hard… Inspiration can be so elusive, totally uncontrollable! What’s for sure is that it comes from the babies that surround us, how they laugh, play, giggle, fall, eat, move, walk, and even cry!

We are influenced by the world we live in, the trends of the moment, our travels, the books we read, the magazines we browse. Sometimes, it can be a doodle, a dream, a walk.

We also like to look at what beautiful things the rest of the world makes and pinterest or instagram are truly inspirational!

Never planned, ideas come unannounced. Linked one to the other they suddenly take shape and lead somewhere. Sometimes they work and sometimes not: we call these moments the “infinity of possibilities”. It can be very scary yet very creative and liberating! When the story works, the print comes naturally and that’s how a new collection is born!

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